About Us

"We are delighted to be working in partnership with colleagues at both Aberdeenshire Council and the University of Aberdeen. The support secured from the RDCF offers us a fantastic opportunity to develop an exciting and innovative programme of activities across the North East."

Ciaran Monaghan
Aberdeen City Council


"I am very pleased that the Regional Development Challenge Fund is proving so successful in helping to establish meaningful partnerships. Our aim was for a range of partnerships spread across the whole of Scotland. But what is developing is much more that merely geographical cover in the way the partnerships encompass so many of the Executive's cultural, educational and social priorities."

Patricia Ferguson, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport


 The Community Council

The New Pitsligo Community Council has been in existence since 1978 working with the Regional and District Councils. Reorganisation in 1996 saw the formation of Aberdeenshire Council - Buchan Area.

Although we don't have a statutory duty of power we can act as a voice for the local people, of New Pitsligo election area, to the Council Area Office and to our local councillors.

We meet at regular intervals but can call extra meetings when new or important issues come to our notice.

The Community Council is responsible for acquiring and planting the beautiful floral displays throughout the summer, for erecting the lovely Christmas lights and the organising and running of the long established Visual Arts Exhibition at the end of September.


The Regional Development Challenge Fund replaces the Strategic Change Fund and is administered on behalf of the Scottish Executive by the Scottish Museums Council. It awards grants of up to 100,000 annually for three years.

 Enterprise Design

"As a designer involved in creating websites for charities and small businesses in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire I have been delighted in working with Annie, Stanley, Sheila and Liz in making a website that will allow everyone access to this superb collection of postcards and the opportunity to visit a bygone age." 

 Annie Scott, NEMP

"The website idea came about when I met Stanley Milne at the annual New Pitsligo art show and he mentioned to me that the Community Council had been given the postcard collection by Katherine Chalmers.

They were hoping to make them available to the general public. It seemed an ideal reason to have a website, and fortunately NEMP agreed to it at a finances meeting last October.  NEMP has a budget for various projects which the 3 officers wish to undertake; it is provided, as are the officers, by the Scottish Government, through the Regional Development Challenge Fund, administrated by the Scottish Museums Council.
There are three NEMP officers and I'm the one for Aberdeenshire; there is also an officer in the Art Galleries and one in the Marischal Museum."



NEMP (North East Museums Partnership ) is funded by the Regional Development Challenge Fund until March 09.

The project will aim to ensure all citizens in the North East can enjoy and learn from the rich wealth of museums collections held in the area.

 The museums' services of Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and the University of Aberdeen have embraced this shift in cultural provision to a more citizen-focussed approach, and this project will see them working closely alongside the Local Authority Education Services at Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire and the Aberdeen University's Department of Education.

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