The Churches of New Pitsligo
Focal point for the community

 The Parish Church

The village lay within the ecclesiastical parish of Tyrie and a Chapel of Ease was built near the top of the hill of Turlundie in 1799, the Rev. Alex Farquhar being ordained its first minister on May 28th of that year.

On January 21st 1853 New Pitsligo was disjoined from Tyrie and became a parish 'quoad sacra'. The church has beautiful lancet windows surmounted by decorative crosses, and an artistic belfry (the bell is inscribed "J. Warner & Sons, London, 1853"). There are galleries on three sides, in one of which is affixed a white tablet to the memory of The Reverend John Sharp, 25 years Schoolmaster and 33 years Pastor.

The kirk yard is old and interesting. One of the early headstones is "To the memory of Joseph Henry, innkeeper in New Pitsligo during the space of 32 years – from the year 1788".


 St John the Evangelist

The present Scottish Episcopal Church was completed in 1871 and replaced an earlier church erected about 1835. Designed by George Edmund Street, it is one of the best examples of his work in Scotland and was built by local labour. One of the memorial windows commemorates William Mitchell, "Master Mason of New Pitsligo, co-partner in the building of this church". The church has an unusual crypt supported by a central pillar. There are six stained glass windows commemorating nine rectors of the church and its patron Lord Clinton, an organ commemorating the Rev Wm Webster and the chancel windows were presented by J.H. Bridges in 1898 in memory of his father Canon Bridges. The churchyard here too has many old and interesting headstones.


The Parish Church
The Churchyard of St Johns today in winter
St Johns Church

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