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A bookmark celebrating the opening of the library

A bookmark celebrating the opening of the library in 1992.

The Village of New Pitsligo
A small village with a big story

 A short history of New Pitsligo

Between the Aberdeenshire towns of Peterhead and Banff in rural North East Scotland is the village of New Pitsligo.

On the eastern slopes of Turlundie Hill with views of the Buchan coast and surrounded by peat bogs and well worked fertile agricultural land, New Pitsligo is a small village with an interesting history.

Since ancient times the lands of Pitsligo were the property of the Lords of Pitsligo until in the 18th century they chose to back the wrong side in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 and lost their properties and lands.

Part of the estate eventually became the property of Sir William Forbes of Monymusk a man who had made his fortune in banking in Edinburgh

Sir William founded New Pitsligo around the existing Hamlet of Cyaak, a name which locals use to refer to the village to this very day.  Residents of New Pitsligo are referred to as "Cyaakers

Sir William offered settlers quarter acre plots in the village at minimal rents, and spent large amounts of his own money developing the mile long High Street. Along with the cheap rents , granite was available in abundance from local quarries, and peat for fuel was plentiful from the surrounding peat bogs.

Later on Low Street and School Street were built and the centrally located Denburn was planted with trees making a beautiful wooded area to enjoy an afternoon stroll.

At one time over 2000 people lived in New Pitsligo and it had two schools and four churches giving the village the reputation of being the largest village in Scotland.

The Public Library in New Pitsligo

As described in the bookmark (left) the library was moved in 1992 from its original site and reconstructed where it is today. The inside has been totally renovated.

The Opening of the Public Hall in 1895

In 1895 the local village hall was opened and the villagers celebrated this event with what appears to be a fancy dress bicycle rally.

The Public Hall as it is today.

The village hall as it is today.

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