Life in New Pitsligo
Making a fresh start

Men and women of character began the hard but healthy life of developing the village of New Pitsligo.
The spirit of cameraderie is obvious from this picture taken in Halls Quarry
Peat was an important part of life both for personal use and for the local economy.

  A flyer issued by the landowner was often the beginning of a new life for the settlers that came to New Pitsligo. The document tells of free rents, plentiful peat, spring water and granite to build homes. It lists two churches, a school and a sewing school as attractions for prospective tenants. 

But life in New Pitsligo could not be described as easy. Quarrying granite and cutting peat was hard, back breaking work, and the climate can be particularly cold especially in the winter months.

Nevertheless people came from all over Scotland and further afield for the chance of a new, healthier and happier life.

In the early part of the 20th century life was short. In 1900-02 males had a life expectancy of 47.1 years and females 46.7 years. 

However, due to the healthier living conditions people fared better in villages than they did in the cities.

Lace making became a cottage industry in New Pitsligo providing employment for many women.

Pictures on this page by kind permission of Mr John Gerrard

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