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  These postcards spanning the years from 1895 to around 1960 reveal a wealth of information and underline how life in New Pitsligo has changed over the years. They were kindly donated to the New Pitsligo Community Council by Katherine Chalmers of Edinburgh. Her husband had a large collection of postcards of various places and her goal was to return the postcards to their places of origin for the benefit of the local community.

With support and help from a number of organisations we proudly present these postcards to the world and we hope you will enjoy your trip into the past.



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The Century Old Love Story


This postcard has been causing quite a stir in our local community as it tells a moving tale of unrequited love from 100 years ago. The postcard was remarkable for its good condition and the fact that it was written on the face of the postcard rather than the back, the writing was also quite clearly legible. It reads:

"Flo, Maggie and I were here this afternoon and saw Mr. Sinclair. I am in love with him. Do you recognise him in this picture? We had a delightful voyage, and not a soul onboard was seasick. Will write later. Grandma is a dear old lady, and so is Grandpa, but it is awful hard to understand what he says. You know his upper teeth have all gone. Love from all. Annie"

We are indebted to Catherine Scott of Livingstone for researching the origins of the people in the postcard and here is the story.

The postcard was written by Annie Laing Barclay, aged 20, of 57 Park Street, Barre, Vermont, USA, to her sister Mary Gilman, 231 Broad Street, Claremont, New Hampshire, USA.

 She is visiting her grandparents, John and Mary Corbett, of Broomhill, New Deer. With her are her mother Mary and sisters Flora, Maggie and Grace. They returned to America on the 12th September 1908, sailing from Liverpool on board the "Mauretania".

 The Mr Sinclair she refers to, may be Alexander Sinclair of 17 High Street, New Pitsligo, who in 1901 was a fifteen year old student.

In 1900 Annie (12) is a scholar living with her parents William and Mary in 57 Park Street, Barre, Washington County, State of Vermont. Her father is involved with granite. Her brother John (26) is a Granite Cutter and her brother William (23) is Manager of a Granite Shed. Brother Douglas (18) and sister Mary (17) are Clerks. Sisters Flora (10) and Maggie (8) are Scholars. Grace is (3). Annie and her younger siblings were born in Vermont, the older ones having been born in Scotland.

Staying with them is a nephew of William – William B Scott (17), Granite Cutter, born in Scotland. They also have a Servant – Elizabeth Wood (18), born in Scotland.

In 1910 Annie (22), Douglas (28), Flora (20), Margaret (18) and Grace (13) are still with their mother Mary in 57 Park Street, Barre. Their father seems to have died.

 Annie (33), of no occupation, and Grace (23), Music Teacher, are still with their mother in 57 Park Street, Barre, at the time of the 1920 census.

 By 1930 there is no trace of Annie under the name Barclay. She may, at last, have found a husband!!

Her mother Mary (75), brother Douglas (55), Importer- General Industry, and Servant/Companion Elizabeth Wood are still living in 57 Park Street.


So finally, Annie may well have got her man but it wasn't Mr. Sinclair, or was it???

(Below left is Mr. Sinclair with the X beneath him as Annie drew it 100 years ago)

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