Work in New Pitsligo
Peat, Granite and Biscuits

  Readily available from the peat bogs surrounding New Pitsligo, peat was a source of fuel and was used to roof houses.
However, long hours of back breaking hard work, often involving whole families, was required to extract it.

Another local industry which employed many people was the quarrying of granite and local masons perfected its use in buildings.

Steam powered traction engines were often used to speed up agricultural tasks.
Plucking turkeys was a seasonal task that all the family shared in

  Agriculture has been a way of life for generations living in this area.  Whole families have been employed in the work of the farm, toiling in the fields, or caring for the livestock. Children were often involved from an early age, feeding the chickens or carrying out other small chores.

The biscuits produced by John Smith's quickly gained a favorable reputation.
Using a home made wheelbarrow to gather peats
The quarries provided work but were dangerous places to work in.

 John Smith & Sons - Bakers

John Smith founded his family business in 1903, starting off by baking and selling his own products. The work expanded over the years and the third generation of Smiths have thriving businesses in the North East of Scotland selling their quality bakery products.

Mid twentieth century success for Smiths

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